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Have you felt like you've let yourself go? Either you gained weight, or you're moving slower, or you notice it's more painful to get out of bed in the morning. Do you find yourself mindlessly eating snacks, not knowing how to choose healthier options, or lack an understanding of the concept of proper portion sizes? Do you feel stuck, unmotivated and feel like you're just going through the motions of life? The pair of jeans, or the bathing suit that is tucked in your closet because you feel uncomfortable wearing it now.  This program will help you re-energize your life, gain back your confidence, get you moving without pain and empowering you to make healthier choices for yourself and your family.

6 Calorie-killing Group Fitness Classes!

(Location: Port Coquitlam

4 Personal Training Sessions

Gym and Home Workouts proven to get results

7 Day Nutrition Plan

Nutritious recipes to balance hormones, release toxins and promote gut health

Nutrition Hacks and Tips from a Certified Nutrition Coach

Daily Habit Coaching

Accountability & Check-ins with Sandra

Private 24/7 Support Group


What's included in this program:

4 Group Fitness Classes - 9:00am Sundays in Port Coquitlam

3 Day Week Home or Gym Workout Program with my free downloadable app

Nutritional guidance with over 1000's recipes to choose from

Goal Setting & Daily Habit Building

Weekly Group Check-ins

Facebook Community Support Group

Exclusive mindset, nutrition, and physical information and tips and tricks within our Private Facebook Group

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